Electromagnetic Field Assessment in Urban Zone with Hierarchic Description and  Homogeneisation Process



Main Topic
Implementation in a demonstrator of the field prediction tools developped in WP1&2


To build the scenes and to visualize the results, EMF-Visual will be used. EMF-Visual is a commercial tool to compute EMF field in 3D. SATIMO commercializes EMF-Visual and the computation code has been written by France Telecom R&D.
The test scene is created in EMF-Visual, then it is converted to the data format of the CSTB tool named ICARE. An OP2H version is in progress. Output data of ICARE are then reconverted in order to be visualized in EMF-Visual.

Electric field at 1m50 above the ground
2 buildings of  3 floors with 3 glass windows and 3 metallic balconiesper floor. A tri-band antennas is placed on a 4m mast  at about 40m away from the buildings.The both buildings are in the main lobe of the antenna.

The electric field is computed at 1.5 m above the ground. Two reflexions at the most are taken into account.

OP2H's objectif is to use the appropriate method to compute the electrif field depending on the receivers position towards the different elements of the scene.

Three levels of details have been defined (see below).

Homogeneization and hierarchisation apllied to this test scene will validate the feasibility of the demonstrator.
Scene test niveau0

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
The computation volum is close ot one of the buildings. The details of the building (window, balcony) are distinguished by the receivers. The PRZ (region where most of the refelected energy is coming from ) is a part of the building.
The computation volume is away from the two buildings. The details of each building can not be distinguised but the two building are well separated. The building are considered as two homogeneous plates. Homogeneization principle developped in WP2 enables to compute equivalent characteritics to be applied for the two buildings.
The computation volume is very far away from the two buildings that can not be any more distinguished the one from the other.
The homogeneization method will enable to define equivalent characteristics for a bounding volume encompassing the two buildings.
niveau 2
Niveau 3

Measurement setup and first test area Simulation with EMF-Visual
          Tri-axis probe                                             Emetting antenna at 2140 MHz

Test area
Test area simulated with EMF-Visual

Simulation vs measurements